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Rejuvenation by Liz

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Face and Neck $325 350
Includes Facial LED Light Therapy (45 mins)
Add on: Decollete area $30 40
Add on: Surgical Scar/Stretch mark $75
Starting price dependent on area
For optimal results, a series of 3-6 sessions, four weeks apart is recommended.

Facial Therapy

Dermaplaning $120
(45 mins)
Dermaplaning and Hydrating Mask $150
(45 mins)
Glowing Facial $190
Hydrating Facial + LED Light Therapy (50min)

Microneedling Packages

3 sessions (Face + Neck) $877.5
save $97.50
6 Sessions (Face + Neck) $1,560
save $390
Purchase a Package and recieve a FREE session on a surgical scar or stretch mark on the body
(45-60 min)


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We require a 24 hour notice.
Cancellations that do not meet the requirement of 24 hours notice will result in a 50% charge.

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Rejuvenation by Liz

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